Reviewing code

As a former Program Technical Lead for OpenStack, part of my duty involved identifying and supporting "core reviewers" from our open source community: developers believed to »

Debug vs. Verbose

Debug mode is intended for developers, not operators. Developers need call stacks, line numbers, and raw data to perform stepwise problem isolation. They work on environments »

Words of wisdom

Boring systems build badass businesses: Innovate on your core product, not on your plumbing. — Matt Jaynes Programming sucks: That's your job if you work with »

A proper margarita

I find dehydrated margarita "mixes" to be offensively tangy substitutes for the real thing (basically sweet lime juice, perhaps with a hint of orange). It's incredibly »


I adapted this recipe from Saveur's account of that served by San Francisco's Tadich Grill. Sauce Heat in a large pot over medium heat. 1/2 »

Lego 8070 Supercar

I had a kick of nostalgia to build something out of Lego, so I chose the 8070 Supercar kit. It appears to be going out of »